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iClever BoostType BK08 Portable Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

with Multi-point Touch Pad. Connect with up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time. Switching seamlessly with just a tap of the function key.

USD $ 49.99



iClever BoostType Trifold Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad BK08

We’re all on the move. Whether visiting friends or family, factories or franchises, rare is the day that we stay chained to our desks anymore. So why should our gadgets?

iClever BoostType is a revolutionary step forward in Bluetooth keyboard technology, specifically designed for people on the move. Compact, versatile, and light, it folds on two innovative hinges that double as grips to keep your board steady, while the grips on each end keep it from sliding around.

And that’s not the only thing that makes the BK08 so smart:

  • Cool durable aluminum body

  • Only 9% smaller keys than on a standard board

  • Ultra slim and compact, not much bigger than an iPhone 6

What’s more, the wireless keyboard is even more travel-ready than ever before. With an attached keyboard that allows you to do all your work using one handy device. The BK08 is universally compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices, and 4oz less body weight than previous models makes it our lightest BoostType keyboard yet!
Now that’s iClever.

Making Your Job Easier

iClever portable keyboard pair with your tablet or smartphones Easily and instant, even connect 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time. Our iClever’s key arranged as similarly as possible what you’re used to on your primary keyboard at home, making wordy activities easier

Durable, Pocketable, but not Heavy
Featured with silver aircraft-grade aluminum backing, metal hinges, balance stand, Can be folded into ⅓ of the size, easy to carry and easily slips right into a bag or backpack, making the pocket sized fold up Bluetooth keyboard perfect on planes, in cars, at cafes, home or at public library and at a few other places

Ultra Strong Compatibility
Our iClever flexible keyboard compatibility not just IOS, Android but also Windows/Mac