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iClever 600amp Peak 18000mAh Car Jumper

Portable Jump Starter with Smart Charging Port, Compass, LCD Screen and LED Light

USD $ 69.99


A must have for your glovebox
Life is about the journey, but that doesn’t mean you want to be stuck in roadside shutdown when your car battery runs flat. 
With 600 amps of power in its corner, the JB21R Jump Starter by iClever packs enough of a punch to kick start petrol engines of up to 6.5L or diesel engines of up to 4.0L.
What’s more, using the jump starter couldn’t be easier, just plug in, hook up, and see your engine rev back to life in seconds.

Year-round Cover
iClever is designed to be left in your glove compartment year round, through summer heat and winter chill.
The charger’s 18000mah battery has enough capacity to jumpstart your engines over 30 times, while the built in flashlight and backlit LCD screen work wonders on after dark battery drains. 
So whether lightning strikes once, twice, or however often your kids leave the lights on, you’ll never get caught off guard. 

Recharge USB Devices
Its frustrating to get stalled in a roadside situation, even more so when you don’t have enough phone battery to call for roadside assistance.
iClever is fitted with double USB ports that can be used to keep your devices topped up when you’re on the move, and is compatible with all USB enabled devices. So you won’t have to worry about falling off the radar, even when your itinerary stretches beyond the scope of your cell phone battery.