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iClever Worldwide Travel Adapter

All in One Universal Wall Charger International AC Power Plug Adapter with USB Charging Port for USA EU UK AUS

USD $ 14.99


iClever, ever clever than just smart 
Feeling weighed down by travel adaptors every time take your electronic devices abroad? Cast off the anchor without getting lost in translation with the IC-BB11 Universal Travel Adaptor by iClever. 
This universal charger combines 4 standard pin models (US, EU, UK, and AU) into one handy widget that is compatible with over 90% of outlets worldwide. So you can get more out of your electronics with less in your suitcase.

US Type - USA, Japan
American Samoa/ Antigua and Barbuda/ Bermuda/ Canada/ Cayman Islands / Colombia/ Cuba/ Ecuador/ Guam/ Haiti/ Honduras/ Jamaica/ Japan/ Liberia/ Mexico/ Nicaragua/ Panama/ Peru/ Philippines/ Puerto Rico/ Saudi Arabia / Taiwan / Thailand/ Venezuela / the Virgin Islands. 

AU Type - Australia, China 
Argentina/ Australia/ China/ Fiji/ New Zealand/ Papua New Guinea/ Tokelau (the Union Islands)/ Uruguay. 

EU Type – Almost all of Europe
Albania/ Austria/ Belgium/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria/ Brazil/ Croatia/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Estonia/ Finland/ France/ Greece/ Hungary/ Iceland/ India/ Latvia/ Lithuania/ Luxembourg/ Macedonia/ Montenegro/ Netherland/ Norway/ Poland/ Portugal/ Romania/ Serbia/ Spain/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ Sweden/ Turkey/ Ukraine. 

UK Type - UK, Hong Kong
Brunei/ Dominica/ England/ Gibraltar/ Grenada/ Hong Kong/ Iraq/ Ireland/ Kenya/ Macau/ Nigeria/ Nothern Ireland/ Oman/ Qatar/ Saudi Arabia/ Scotland/ Singapore/ Sri Lanka/ Tanzania/ Uganda/ the United Arab Emirates/ Wales/ Yemen/ Zimbabwe. 

-Rated power: 110V~/650W, 220V~/1300W. 
-Power output: 100-250VAC, 50-60HZ 6.3A Max. 
-USB output: 5V/2.1A 
-Dimensions: 74.5 x 57 x 60 mm / 2.93 x 2.24 x 2.36 in 
-Weight: 117g / 4.13oz 

Package Contents 
1 x Travel Adapter 
1 x Backup Fuse Tube 
1 x Warranty Card