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About the Super Points?

The insightful and valuable feedbacks from you have helped us quite a lot duringthe past few years and We would love to hear more from you.That’s why we have Super Points today.

How it works?

Step 1: Submit your feedback links (social media post, video review, website, forum, etc) on the iclever user center.

Step 2: Get 3 Super Points for each link once reviewed by our staff.

Step 3: Unlock the gifts on the iclever user center.

Other way to obtain the Super Points?

- Become iClever Super User +5

- Submit each review link +3

Levels & Points

Level Smart Points Gift Card
LV1 0-50
LV2 50-100 $10 gift card
LV3 100-150 $25 gift card
LV4 150-200 $50 gift card
LV5 200+ $75 gift card

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