iClever Kinderkopfhörer HS17
iClever Kinderkopfhörer HS17
iClever Kinderkopfhörer HS17
iClever Kinderkopfhörer HS17

iClever Kinderkopfhörer HS17

Farbe hs17-Blue
  • Inline-Mikrofon
  • 85/94 dB lautstärkebegrenzter Gehörschutz
  • Freigabeport
  • Premium-Stereo-Sound
  • Faltbares Leichtgewicht
  • Verstellbares Kopfband
  • Entwirrte Drähte
  • Kissenweiche Ohrenschützer
  • Universelle Kompatibilität

Hearing Protecting

Children's ears are sensitive to loud sounds and you don't want them turning the volume up and ruining their hearing! Hence choose the 85dB volume limiter for daily use. If the child is in a noisy environment like car or airplane, please adjust the limiter to 94dB for crystal clear sound.

Share Function& Premium Comfort

If your kids want to get in touch with grandpa and grandma or call to check in on a friend, they won't have to reach for the phone-instead they can just use the built-in microphone to talk right away. What's also great about the iClever children's headphones is the sharing feature, which allows them to connect to another set of iClever headphones for listening to movies, music or audiobooks at the same time. Now that's collaboration!

Compact & Durable

Lightweight and foldable design make iClever headphones portable, perfect for kids to play games, listen to music or watch videos on the move. Fabricated with a nylon braided 3.5mm Aux cable, it made to last through anything.

Built for Travel

We know how tough it can be for technology items on the road. But don't worry, we've got your back! Portability was a top priority when designing the iClever foldable kids headphones, so you can take them anywhere your travels take you! From falls and yanks to tears and drops, these headphones can withstand it all!

Built-in Mic & Stereo Sound

Built-in microphone, remote lets you answer/end up calls and play/pause music, change tracks with ease. With premium made 40 mm driver units, the kids headphones have a full, balanced stereo sound to allow kids to immerse in every detail of the audio.

Great Design for Kids

Who says you can't have a durable design and a cool look at the same time? These iClever child headphones have a fun colorway and are the perfect choice for kids 4-12. They'll be able to appreciate the natural, warm tones full of bass (but not too loud!), which is why these make such a great gift!

Built to Stay Comfortable

Pillow-soft earmuffs, thicken covered headband and swiveling ear cups not only make it more durable and comfortable, but also let you absorb in high-quality feast after long time listening without interruption. What' s more, the earmuffs are made of memory-protein material. With all careful designs, just enjoy your sound trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marqui Wilton

I ordered them and thought they're starter headphones, way better! The sound is excellent and the earpads are so soft which I cannot stop touching them! The volume control is a must for kids and the key function I needed.

Dana Parsn

The color of this headphone is so unique, my girl begged for it when she catched a glimps on it. Received it in 3 days ad it didn't fail me, the sound quality is incredible for the price and my girl was too impatient to wait showing off with her friends.