iClever develops and provides consumer electronics specially adapted for senior needs, to enable them to take part in the digital community, keep in contact with friends and family and feel safe in being able to contact loved ones with a touch of a button. Everyone using iClever products and services shall feel safe. Unfortunately, seniors are an especially vulnerable group in the digital, connected world. iClever actively tries to identify and reduce potential vulnerabilities during the product's entire lifetime and in this effort, we value input on actual or potential vulnerabilities as that gives us a possibility to address these issues and protect connected seniors.


If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in a iClever product or service, please complete the form below. We also ask you to:

  • Support us in keeping users of iClever products and services safe and protected, ensuring the protection of privacy and maintaining the proper, undisrupted function of products and services.
  • Keep information about the potential vulnerability confidential between yourself and iClever until we have a remedy in place.
  • Do not use the information for commercial or business purposes.

As long as this policy is adhered to, iClever will work with you and we will make our best effort to understand and resolve the vulnerability quickly.

iClever will communicate with you, the reporter, via e-mail. First receipt of the vulnerability report within 7 days. After this reporter will be contacted in case of questions and with progress updates at least every 30 days until the vulnerability is resolved.


Your contact information and other potential personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy policy.