iClever Kids Headphones HS19

Color hs19-Black
  • In-line Microphone
  • 85/94dB Volume Limited Hearing Protection
  • Over-Ear Design
  • Share Port
  • Premium Stereo Sound
  • Foldable Lightweight
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Untangled Wires
  • Pillow-soft Earmuffs
  • Universal Compatibility

Share Port Share Fun

No need for a splitter. Your kid can insert another headphones plug into the sharing interface on the left side of headphones to share audio with friends or families

Protect Child's Auditory System

iClever kids headphones limiting the volume level at 85 dB is based upon the highest safe exposure level to continuous 8 hours. Specially designed for children, the kids headphones can be limited to a sound level of 85dB to prevent damages to kid's ears in daily life, and also allow to reach 94dB for clearer but still safe sound under the condition of airplane rumbles, car noises etc.

Built-in Microphone and Stereo Sound

iClever wired headphones work with the In-line microphone making them perfect for Online Courses and Voice calls. With built-in 40mm drivers, our headphones emit a full balanced stereo sound, making them perfect for playing games and listening to music.

Adjustable Headband

The adjustable headband can be expanded to fit heads of all sizes from kids to teenagers, accompanying them with happy hours throughout the whole growth.

Foldable & Lightweight

Maybe you have struggled with big, huge headphones which your kid loves but cannot carry around because of their size. Foldability makes iClever children's headphones more portable and storage that much easier.

Universal Compatibility

iClever Over-Ear headphones support devices with 3.5mm audio jack like Chromebook, Kindle Fire Tablet, Switch, iPad, Laptop, PC etc.

Multifunctional Wire Control

Change or pause the music easily